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Marquetry and Perfection

These projects will give you an impression of our possibilities.

Finemarq marquetry floor Job-Smeets

Groninger museum

Design: Studio Job

Marquetry flooring: oak and smoked oak.                       

Sideboard: rosewood and birdseye maple.

In 2010 Finemarq was asked to participate in this museum exhibition by Studio Job.

Finemarq flower marquetry diamond

Orchid wall panel

Design: Finemarq

Materials: rosewood, maple, gold leaf and Swarvoski stones.

Dimensions: 150 cm x 350 cm.

In cooperation with the client, Finemarq has realized this unique wall panel for a superyacht.

Finemarq bird veneer marquetry

Wall panel

Design: Finemarq

Materials: various root veneers with colored wood veneers.

Dimensions: 200 cm x 450 cm.

This cheerful and timeless wall panel has been realized for a residence in France.

Finemarq stained vineer marqueterie Job Smeets

Studio Job sideboard

Design: Studio Job

Materials: coloured veneer.

Dimensions: 60 cm  x 250 cm.

super yacht marquetry door

MY Apostrophe

Design: Reymond Langton Design.

Materials: bronze laquer, mother of pearl and American walnut veneer.

Finemarq flowers mother of pearl veneer marquetry

Cabinet panels

Design: Finemarq

Materials: wood veneer, mother of pearl.

Dimensions: 120 cm x 270 cm.

superyacht marquetry veneer cabinet

MY Apostrophe

Design: Reymond Langton Design

Materials: American walnut veneer.

Dresser: 75 cm x 240 cm.

Finemarq gold leaf super yacht marquetry 2

Wall panel

Design: Finemarq

Materials: wood veneer, gold leaf

Dimensions: 75 cm x 150 cm.



Design: Finemarq

Materials: wood veneer

Dimensions: 275 cm x 350 cm 


shagreen marquetry
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